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Use information before moving in

This is information of preparation before moving in for tenancy in "Nambu Chuo Heights". Refer to the information to get ready to move in. If there are other questions or unclear points, click "Inquiries" and send your message.

360-degree panorama photo 

360 degrees Pictures of Nambu Chuo Heights Facilities:
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Introduction of home appliances and equipments











 Washing Machine


 msize_押し入れ.jpg  msize_15.03.09-  msize_15.03.09-  ベランダー窓3.jpg
Closet All windows are designed with double window

▶  If any additional home appliances, furniture and equipment are required in the room, please supply by your own. "Refer to the shop list below"
▶  There may be different furniture in a room because previous tenant leave it.
▶  The furniture in a room can not remove out and keep in dormitory’s storage because the storage does not have enough space.
▶  The Nambu Chuo Heights is next to the railway. However, the sound of the train is greatly blocked when the double windows are closed.

Stores of furniture, appliances and commodities

Order from the Internet:Amazon(、
Shop: Nitori, Mega Don Quijote Omori Sanno branch "3-6-3 Sanno Ota-ku, Tokyo"

Nitori, Mega Don Quijote Omori Sanno branch(Same building)

※Nitori : Selling household appliances, dishes, pots, futon, towels, furniture, interior goods etc.

※Mega Don Quijote : Selling household appliances, dishes, clothes, food, miscellaneous goods, bicycles, sports goods etc.


Conveniences shops :

Tokyo University of Technology/Nihon Kogakuin ―  No take a train to the school. It takes 5 minutes by bicycle and about 15 minutes on foot
Convenience Store ―  Seven Eleven & Family Mart, within 3 min by walk
Post Shop ―  within 3 min by walk, Open a postal savings bank account, or domestic and international mail are available to send.
Supermarket ―  There are 2 Supermarkets within 7 min on foot
Shopping moll ―  It takes about 5 minutes by bicycles to arrive at Nitori, Mega Don Quijote
Railway Stations and around ―  It takes about 10 minutes by bicycles to arrive at JR Kamata or JR Omori station. There are many department stores, malls, shopping districts and eating and drinking bars.



Each room has internet with LAN cable. Prepare own LAN cable when using. Wi-Fi Prepare Wi-Fi router by your own. Self-setting 

※Wifi is sold at 3000 yen in this dormitory. All setting has been done, Wi - Fi internet is available immediately after entering the room.

Self prepareation Selling at dormitory
Wi-Fi router LAN cable Wi-Fi router

About other

▶  All inquiry about Nambu Chuo Heights facilities, costs and about Higashi-Ju, Click our web address and send a message
▶  All inquiry about school relations, visa and lesson, please ask the teacher of the school or the staff of the agent.


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